Toilet Training

21 Jun 2018

Toilet Training: When and how to do it

Are you wondering when your child will be ready to learn to use the toilet? Learning bladder and bowel control for toileting can make a big difference to your child’s sense of independence. It can also make family outings and routines easier when you don’t need to factor in nappies. The process of learning does usually requires patience and perseverance and there are several developmental skills your child needs before they start - it can be worth considering your child’s readiness in terms of their cognitive skills, language skills as well as their physical and emotional readiness.

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It’s helpful to talk to your child’s educators about your child’s readiness so that a consistent approach can be used at home and at the campus. The Occupational Therapists at Oac can also provide support and practical ideas to parents with their child’s toileting. Ask your campus director if you would like to consult the Occupational Therapist.