Health & Wellbeing

We offer a unique approach to your child’s development, as we encompass not just the education, but the physical health and emotional wellbeing of every child in our care.

More Than Childcare - Health & Wellbeing Focused

Our unique approach to health & wellbeing focuses on physical activity, nutrition, safe sleep & allied health services. It is designed and delivered by our dedicated in-house team of Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Vision Specialists. We support families through individual consultations and information workshops. These services are all-inclusive within your daily fee.

Let's get physical

Physical confidence and being active is important to every child’s self-esteem and wellbeing. Our specialist Exercise Science and Human Movement program managers help children learn important gross motor skills, and a love of physical activity. Children improve their hand eye coordination, balance, flexibility, fitness, motor planning and body awareness through a range of activities.

Occupational Therapy

Children’s occupational therapy aims to promote a child’s participation and independence through every day, age appropriate activities. Our Occupational Therapists can provide strategies for your child’s learning, socialising and motor skills. We can refer you to additional support if your child is having difficulty in any of these developmental areas.

Speech and Language

Our children’s Speech Pathologists help children to develop appropriate speech sounds as well as their understanding and use of verbal language. Our team can provide screening, at your request, to identify any speech or language difficulties in children and provide recommendations for appropriate therapies to support your child.

Nutritious meals

We passionately believe that good early childhood nutrition plays a vital role in a child’s physical and mental development.

Visit our Nutrition page for more information, a daily campus menu sample and the latest recipes from our Only About Children in-house Dietitians.

Supporting families at home

Oac Health@Home aims to support the health and well being of your child through home consultations with our enrolled families.

Learn more about Oac Health@Home here.

“As busy working parents, we love that our daughter receives all of her meals and snacks. It gives us peace of mind knowing that she is enjoying nutritious food and it also offers us convenience as we don’t worry about packing a lunchbox for her each day”
Chloe & Brad Clarkson, Only About Children Parents
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