More Than Childcare. School Readiness Too!

Our 2 year Preschool/Kindergarten Program will prepare your child for school and beyond. Now Enrolling for 2024!

Our Preschool & Kindergarten 2 year school readiness program provides children with the platform they need to thrive!

Preschool (as it is called in NSW) & Kindergarten (as it is called in VIC & QLD) helps prepare children for primary schooling.  This normally occurs in the 2 years prior to starting school, from 3 years of age up to school age.

At Only About Children, our unique approach to school readiness goes beyond education to encompass the health, social development and total wellbeing of every child in our care, whilst providing the flexibility of long day care hours to meet the different needs of families. Download our Only About Children Preschool Room Guide to learn more about our Preschool and Kinder Program.

Our Preschool/Kindergarten program:

  • Provides an innovative curriculum focused on left brain logic and right brain creativity.
  • Includes both structured and unstructured play-based learning that considers the child’s individual interests and development.
  • Includes bi-annual ‘GROW STORYs’ – updates on your child learning.
  • A learning focus from 9am to 3pm to prepare children for typical school hours and routine whilst providing the flexibility of long hours for social development and play. 
  • Is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard (NQS) for childcare.  
  • Includes Health and Social Development support in preparation for school, including complementary Vision Screening.
  • Meets the Victorian Government Kinder Tick and the Queensland Government Kindy Tick.
  • Is eligible for VIC Free Kinder Funding, NSW Start Strong Preschool Funding, and QLD Kindy Funding.
What Is The Difference? Find out the difference between Preschool/Kindergarten in a long Daycare setting vs a Community Preschool/Kindergarten

2 Year School Readiness Curriculum

Our unique Grow curriculum forms the basis for essential early education and development to ensure your child is school ready. It is developed to meet the individual needs of each child with a strong focus on:

  • Left Brain Logic – Literacy & Language, Exploration & STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math) and Sustainability
  • Right Brain Creativity – Music, Dramatic Play and Art
  • Health and Wellbeing – Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Social Development, Trust, Respect & Relationships and Resilience & Mindfulness

Health And Wellbeing Focus

Our unique approach to health and wellbeing focuses on physical activity, nutrition & health. It is designed and delivered by our dedicated in-house team of Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Vision Specialists to ensure that we provide children with the best possible preparation for school & life. As part of our 2 year school readiness program we provide:

A Typical Day in Preschool/Kindergarten

We recognise that families require the flexibility of long day care hours and care during school holidays but also want to ensure that their children are school ready. Our two year preschool/kindergarten program ensures that children are prepared for school and beyond whilst providing the flexibility families need.

Supporting Families

We support families with key communications and engagement including:

  • Opportunities to meet Educators and participate in children’s learning experiences, family events and celebrations
  • Bi-annual ‘GROW STORYs’ – updates on your child’s learning
  • Face to Face School Readiness Information Sessions, supported by Teachers/School Principals from local schools
  • Grow With Us School Readiness Toolkit – expert articles, @home resources and webinars to support the school readiness journey
Enrol And Receive A Complimentary Enrolment Pack Enrol And Receive A Complimentary Enrolment Pack
Special Offer

Enrol And Receive A Complimentary Enrolment Pack

When you enrol in our Preschool/Kindergarten you will receive a drawstring bag, water bottle and hat.
“Only About Children Preschool provided our child the learning and social skills to prepare them for school. Preschool in a long day care setting allowed us the flexibility of extended hours, to help us feel supported as a working family."
Louise & Wesley Looi, Only About Children Parents