Kinder Tick

We use the Kinder Tick across all Only About Children campuses in Melbourne as we are an approved provider of Victorian Government funded kindergarten programs.

What does the Kinder Tick mean?

The Victorian Government Approved Kinder Tick helps Victorian families find a funded kindergarten program for their children.  Every Only About Children campus in Victoria displays the Kinder Tick as they meet the criteria set out by the Victorian Government.

When you see the Kinder Tick, you can be confident: 

  • The Kindergarten program will be led by a qualified teacher. Every Kindergarten program at Only About Children is run by an Early Childhood teacher, who has a Bachelor of Education. They will oversee the team running the program and each child that is enrolled in the funded program has access to this teacher a minimum of 15 hours per week.  At Only About Children our Kindergarten teachers are supported by the Only About Children Grow curriculum where they will be engaged in holistic learning.
  • Children will benefit from play-based learning. Through the Only About Children Grow curriculum children will engage in planned and spontaneous learning experiences based on their own interests and ideas. They will explore concepts that help them prepare successfully for school, help build their knowledge and skills across all areas of learning and development. 
  • The kindergarten program is funded and approved by the Victorian Government. Funding is used to provide additional learning opportunities such as Only About Children Music, Only About Children Language, Book of the Month and Only About Children Active. Along with providing rich learning environments and quality resources. 
  • The program complies with government guidelines and the National Quality Framework.  Each Only About Children Kindergarten program is designed based on the Early Years Learning Framework and takes into consideration current and evolving research and best practice for Kinder aged children. The Only About Children Grow Curriculum supports educators to offer a high-quality program designed around each and every child.  

Where to look for the Kinder Tick?

You can look for the Kinder Tick logo at your local Only About Children campus in Melbourne, on the campuses building or grounds or here on any of the 22 Melbourne campus information pages.

Learn more about the unique Grow curriculum offered at Only About Children. 

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