Elsternwick Childcare & Kindergarten

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Sofie Day Sofie Day 1720498449
Highly recommend - we love this centre, all the educators and staff are amazing! My child is well cared for and loved, and has learnt so much during her time here. Special shout out to Shweta - we love you!

Bradley Von harten Bradley Von harten 1720077506
Amazing location for children, my child has learnt so much from basic skills to major social skills, highly recommended

Isidora Aristegui Isidora Aristegui 1720052091
I’m a student doing my placement at Only about children Elsternwick. It’s been such a good experience and environment, everyone has been so nice to me, explaining the work and helping me with my placement's tasks :) thank you so much!

Shelley Amar Shelley Amar 1707368821
This Centre is absolutely fantastic. We have moved here in the past year from another Centre and we couldn’t be happier. Our child is now in the pre school room and he loves it. They learn the coolest things and do a million great activities. Jess and Etty who run the Centre are incredible and the communication is always flowing. We love the room leaders and all the educators as much as our son does!

Holly May Bedford Holly May Bedford 1706777663
I worked here whilst on my working holiday visa and I absolutely loved it. Great managers and lovely colleagues. Adore the children of course. I’m very lucky that my job is staying open for me. I definitely recommend for you child to go here or for you to work here. :-)

Pinkapin pin Pinkapin pin 1705573679
We love this placeThe kindergarten staff is very professionalEach child is treated in a very personal and special way, The centre provides food during all day, provide a lot of creative and diverse activities, giving lot of love and patience also to the parent and to the childEverything is very organized and managed in an exceptional wayThank you for all this yearsOur kids grew up and developed in the best way we could ask for.We appriciate you very much

angel kalantarov angel kalantarov 1705573271
We are very happy we choose that centre!!It felt like a second home for us. Our children got a lot of love, support, education, and good values they using them every day.We are very thankful for the special and individual attention you gave to each of our children !

Michelle B Michelle B 1691142877
We love OAC Elsternwick. Etty and the team take such wonderful care of our son who has struggled with daycare drop offs. Etty is so kind and warm and genuinely cares about the children attending and she is also so helpful and quick at responding to any questions we may have. Special thank you to the wonderful Enza and the Toddler 1 team who have helped our little boy so much throughout this year, we are so grateful to have this amazing team care and educate him!

yariv baruch yariv baruch 1689556262
We recently had the pleasure of enrolling my 2nd child at Only About Children in Elsternwick. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the exceptional early education they provide. With our first child, from the moment we walked through the doors, it was evident that this centre is genuinely dedicated to nurturing and developing young minds in the most caring and supportive environment.First and foremost, Etty, the centre manager, is a fantastic person who always makes us feel at home when we drop our kids and pick them up. Etty has always communicated with us about our kids and helped us whenever we enquired.The staff at Only About Children are absolute gems. Their genuine passion for early childhood education is palpable, and it reflects in their interactions with both children and parents. Every educator we encountered was warm, friendly, and highly skilled in engaging children at different developmental stages. They foster a sense of belonging, ensuring each child feels safe and loved, which significantly eased my concerns as a parent.The curriculum at Only About Children is outstanding. Much thought and expertise have gone into designing age-appropriate activities that stimulate children's curiosity and promote holistic development. From arts and crafts to imaginative play, outdoor adventures, and music and movement sessions, there's a perfect blend of structured learning and free play. My child came home every day excitedly, eager to share all the new things they had learned.Another aspect that sets Only About Children apart is its focus on nutrition. The centre provides healthy and balanced meals prepared on-site by their dedicated chefs. I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and wholesome ingredients incorporated into the menu. The commitment to nourishing growing bodies and minds is truly commendable.The facilities at Only About Children are top-notch. The classrooms are spacious, well-organized, and filled with age-appropriate learning resources. The outdoor play areas are safe, stimulating, and thoughtfully designed to encourage exploration and physical activity. The centre’s commitment to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is highly visible, providing peace of mind to parents like me.Communication with the centre is exceptional. Regular updates, including photos and progress reports, keep parents informed about their child's development and activities. The open-door policy encourages parental involvement, and the staff is always approachable and willing to address any concerns or questions promptly.Lastly, the sense of community at Only About Children is remarkable. They organise regular events and gatherings that bring families together, fostering a supportive network and creating lasting friendships. The dedication to building a strong community of parents, educators, and children is truly inspiring.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Only About Children for early education. Their exceptional staff, engaging curriculum, focus on nutrition, excellent facilities, effective communication, and a strong sense of community make it the perfect place for children to thrive. My child's growth and happiness since joining Only About Children speak volumes about the centre’s commitment to providing the best early education experience. Thank you, Only About Children, for creating such a nurturing and enriching environment for our little ones!

Maryam Anhari Maryam Anhari 1686735984
I recently completed a six-week placement in the kinder room at Only About Children Elsternwick. My experience was incredibly positive. Etty the centre manager and the staff were friendly and professional. They were always willing to answer my questions and provide guidance when needed.I was so grateful to have had Niro as my mentor. I had the chance to observe and learn from her, which was an invaluable experience. She gave me opportunities to plan and implement daily activities, which allowed me to develop my skills as an early childhood teacher.I would highly recommend Only About Children Elsternwick to other students looking for a placement.

Maria Laftsis Maria Laftsis 1685529349
We absolutely love this early learning centre. Our daughter is thriving in the kindergarten program and we are so confident in her school readiness . The kindergarten teachers are wonderful , engaging and of the highest quality. Etty, the Centre director is open, honest and always available. We will miss this wonderful community when we go to school. Thank you for all that you do!

Vanessa Kezerle Vanessa Kezerle 1684918176
We’ve been taking our daughter here since she was 11 months old and she’s now almost 2 and a half and we’ve been so happy!The staff have been absolutely amazing and lovely to deal with and our daughter comes home smiling and happy everyday.Her growth and development is always blowing us away.We couldn’t appreciate more the level of care that is taken for our daughter and all the little ones.

Amy Kate Amy Kate 1684805200
We adore this centre, and the amazing educators are the reason why. Caring, inclusive, supportive. They also take the time to get to know the children's whole families and take an interest in them.It's also clean, has modern resources but also utilises recycled materials, and according to my toddlers, has really yummy food!

sammy meltz sammy meltz 1670400754
We are so happy we found Your Place, we could not have asked for a better start to childcare and education for our son. The warmth starts with Etty and trickles down through each educator we have come across over his time there. We feel he has found his second home and flourished in ways we could not have imagined when he started at 17 months old, we can tell he feels so safe and happy there as he runs into the building each morning, and we love that every teacher knows his name and greets us with a smile. We also appreciate the healthy menu provided, our son eats more there than he has ever eaten at home! Nothing is too big an ask and we appreciate the constant communication and support through learning to trust other people with taking care of our baby! We highly recommend Your Place as a nurturing, humble, clean, warm environment and can’t wait for our daughter to have the same journey starting soon.

Elouise Davis Elouise Davis 1670371621
We have had the most wonderful experience with our daughter at Your Place ELC. I was so nervous about sending out 11mo to creche for the first time, and the staff made the process so seamless and easy, and before we knew it we were dropping Esme off with a smile on her face at the beginning of each day. It's amazing to see how much her social skills, language and eating skills have developed since she's been spending time in such a warm and caring environment. Cannot recommend Your Place enough :)

Fiona Solomons Fiona Solomons 1669948560
Your Place is a fantastic Creche. It is very well run and the educators are all excellent. My son has been really happy there. I would recommend it to anyone.

Shae Roberts Shae Roberts 1669592896
I have been using day care for 10+ years and would have to say Your Place has by far been the best! Management is fantastic (and really know each child and family), there is minimal staff turnover and the educators operate a fantastic program. Highly recommend!

Lindsay Van Rooyen Lindsay Van Rooyen 1669162263
Been attending your place for 3 years now and it has been absolutely amazing. Genuine care for the kids and their development. Looked at many other day cares and honestly you can't compare.

Sharon Gross Sharon Gross 1663238518
Our son, an only child has had a wonderful crèche experience here.Very caring staff, individual attention to Children’s needs. I can’t fault the place! Highly recommend it. Friendly and down to earth.Etty is like a mum to the kids & knows where everyone is at. She knows is aware that parents want to know how their children are doing and uses an app so we can see how much they eat, sleep, poo etc! - Also daily photos!While we go to work it’s a huge piece of mind to know they are safe & HAPPY here!!!!

Srinivas Gadi Srinivas Gadi 1662804413
Your Place genuinely and truly care about overall child development. Centre is well maintained with lots of fun activities planned for the children throughout the day. Educators are amazing at understanding children’s needs and interests and also helping them develop independence at the same time. They’re always very happy to talk to us on what my daughter has done in the day and even celebrate the tiniest wins just like we do at home.There’s been a huge leap on the development front ever since my daughter started here. We’re very glad to have found Your Place. Thanks to Etty and team for creating a great environment and taking excellent care of my little one.

Keren Yalouz Keren Yalouz 1661907545
My son has been at Your Place ELC for two years in the Kinder and Pre-school classes and I cannot speak highly enough of the centre. I know I leave him in golden hands every day. The educators are caring and committed and invest in my son's education and development. There are regular incursions and excursions which are so valuable. It's a very clean, welcoming, professionally run centre (which starts with the most dedicated director) and I couldn't ask for more.

Laurie Peters Laurie Peters 1660097273
This is an independent Day Care, that is so professional and so well run! Every teacher knew my kids names whether they were in their class or not. Etty and the team are all so caring, and fun and they really know and care for all the kids. The food and facilities are first class, and the centre is always clean and looked after. We can’t thank you enough for how well you looked after our kids the last few years!

Amelia Chia Amelia Chia 1653550763
Very friendly educators who genuinely care for our daughter. Light filled, very clean and well run independent childcare centre. We have witnessed our daughter become very social and energetic. She now really enjoys the outdoors. We are sad that our daughter is leaving Your Place as we are moving. Thanks to the entire team for making such a positive experience for our family.

Pixi Shelzer Pixi Shelzer 1644801223
My youngest has been at the centre for 2 years and we have never once had an issue. In fact, they keep exceeding our expectations! The centre is extremely clean, they take COVID safety very seriously, they are attentive to the parents and amazing at communicating. Most importantly, my daughter has an absolute ball there every day. She took her first steps at the centre and the staff called me straight away and excitedly told me everything and sent me videos. A truly magical place.

Anna Niazov Anna Niazov 1643670251
My kids have been in this centre for 3 years now. I could not be happier with the care that is provided here. The staff are extremely attentive and caring.I could not recommend your place early learning centre enough to you.

Nina M Nina M 1638320671
We absolutely enjoy our journey in Your Place ELC. Both of my children attend the centre. Staff are very professional and supportive. Age-appropriate learning is facilitated in all age groups. I will definitely recommend this centre to my friends!

Timothy Scholl Timothy Scholl 1632775640
Etty, Kayla, Mini and Marina and the rest of the team here are exceptional at what they do. Our little fuller’s skills and abilities exploded after starting here. He always ran in the door ready to go. Barely got a chance to say goodbye. It was incredibly sad to leave such warm, fun and skilful people. They helped us so much as parents too throughout the most difficult times during lockdown. Anyone would be lucky to have a spot for their kid here of any age.

Deepak Kumar Deepak Kumar 1626268494
Freya loves going to Childcare and is always greeted by staff with a smile. We always feel that she is going to her second home. Staff is super friendly and always keeps us updated with Freya's day to day run down. Extremely happy with their service.

Alison Brodribb Alison Brodribb 1619009735
My daughter has been attending Your Place since she was four months old, and absolutely loves it there. The centre manages to strike a perfect balance between focussing on her core developmental skills while still encouraging her independent nature.The rooms are bright and tidy, and they feel like they have plenty of room - even when they're filled with about a dozen toddlers roaming around.Every time I pick her up, she's happily engaged - either with another child, an activity or a staff member. Even when I pick her up right at the end of the day, the staff always look fresh and enthusiastic, and they always sound like they're thrilled to know my daughter.All in all, I couldn't ask for a better place to send my daughter.

Emma Harty Emma Harty 1612334927
We started our daughter in the middle of COVID and couldn’t be happier with our experience. The staff have been amazing. They provide great experiences for the children, the communication through the apps is fabulous, the management is friendly and efficient and most importantly, our daughter has been loved and nurtured and has shown such great progress under their care. Highly recommend.

Pritpal S_ Chhabra Jr. Pritpal S_ Chhabra Jr. 1599022403
The educators and leaders at the centre are phenomenal humans.My daughter has been attending for over a year and absolutely loves it.Their facilities, activities they run are fantastic and the level of care provided has always been above our expectations.Centre takes lead from the children and build on their curiosity rather than taking a cookie cutter approach.They have been excellent in their communication with parents during this pandemic.Highly recommend to all parents, especially to the new scared ones ;), like we were at the start before sending our daughter to any childcare.

Abbie Pickering Abbie Pickering 1576714840
Just secured a place for our little girl at Our Place Elsternwick. We were extremely nervous about starting our LO (14 months old) in daycare for the first time, but feel much more comfortable after visiting Our Place and doing a trial this morning. Our little one played with the other bubs and had lunch with them. Food was delicious, centre was clean, staff are friendly and attentive, and the rooms have a very warm and calm vibe. Looking forward to starting our daycare journey with Our Place Elsternwick.Edit for update: My daughter has been at Our Place Early Learning centre for 7 months now and we LOVE it. The staff are gentle, caring and kind, my daughter talks about her favourite educator all the time at home (mid way through her gibberish) it is super sweet!We are extremely hands on when putting our little one to sleep, I was very nervous about how nap time would go but the educators have been extremely happy to give her a cuddle when she needs it!They are always doing fantastic activities like bathing the dolls and dinosaurs, painting, play dough etc.The centre use the storypark app so we always get photos of our little one playing, I’m pretty sure my parents love these photos as much as I do!They go above and beyond, I would highly recommend this centre!

Chana Deutsch Chana Deutsch 1574989218
Our son has been attending Our Place since July. It's always daunting sending your baby off to creche in the care of others but Our Place has been so warm, caring and loving and he loves going every day! Can only speak highly of all the educators and the friendly administration team. Our baby has also learned so much over the past few months and thoroughly enjoys the Sensory Wednesday activities!

Fiona Flynn Fiona Flynn 1556968810
My 2 girls attend Our Place, they are 4 and 16 months old. The staff are excellent, the girls love going there and I am very happy to send them there. My 4 Year old wakes up on Saturday morning and asks to go there, she is learning to count in Mandarin and regularly learns how to cook various things at Our place. There is no expense spared and the food is gorgeous with their own chef on site. I highly recommend this centre

Laura Salsbury Laura Salsbury 1556876771
Incredible Day Care Centre!! They go above an beyond with everything they do. My daughter is very well cared for and very happy there. OurPlace is a breath of fresh air compared to another centre she used to attend locally and it was much more reasonably priced. No expense is spared on anything they do including activities for the kids like yoga or playball. She’s even learning Manderine at the age of 3. They even put on evenings for the parents without kids like wine and cheese evenings. My daughter has so much fun there, she’s excited to go everyday and never wants to leave when I pick her up!! Honestly parents, look no further, from my experience you cannot beat anything like OurPlace, I’m one happy parent of many and believe me I’m usually the biggest critique.

Chris Perrone Chris Perrone 1549788409
Today I went with my wife to the opening day, what a lovely experience from the centre.The educational leader was very friendly and informative.

Campus Overview

At Only About Children Elsternwick, our age groups have their own dedicated outdoor yard where children can confidently lead their own play, explore and create. We have six age-based indoor rooms. These spaces have been specifically created to encourage children in their learning and growth, with a focus on safety and natural elements.

Our Elsternwick campus was recently rated Exceeding for Staffing Arrangements in the National Quality Standards.  This exceeding rating demonstrates the exceptional provision of qualified and experienced educators at Elsternwick who are able to develop warm, respectful relationships with children, create safe and predictable environments and encourage children’s active engagement in the learning program.

Children at our Elsternwick campus enjoy –

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  • Passionate educators and allied health specialists who are focused on creating a learning space where families and children can learn and grow together.
  • A leading nutritionhealth and wellbeing offering which includes a Dietitian designed seasonal menu and fresh meals prepared daily in-house by our campus cooks
  • All-inclusive offering including our daily app diary updates, nappies, formula, bedding, sunscreen and more.

At Only About Children Elsternwick, we offer More Than Childcare. Our unique approach to early years learning goes beyond education to encompass the health, social development and wellbeing of every child in our care. We call it The OAC Way.

Our innovative play-based Grow Curriculum gives Nursery, Toddler and Kindergarten children the best opportunity to develop their growing minds during their early years. It includes:

  • Left Brain Logic – Literacy & Language, Exploration & STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math) and Sustainability
  • Right Brain Creativity – Music, Dramatic Play and Art
  • Health and Wellbeing – Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Social Development – Trust, Respect & Relationship and Resilience & Mindfulness

Our Grow curriculum is delivered via intentional teaching in dynamic small group learning environments where children’s successes, skills and challenges are monitored on an ongoing basis. 

OAC Flexi (occasional care) is available at our Elsternwick Campus. This option is for families wishing to utilise occasional or back up childcare at short notice. OAC Flexi is available in 2 sessions, full day or part day and is available for children aged 12 weeks – 5 years old.


Where to find us

Our campus is located at 296 Glen Eira Road, Elsternwick, VIC 3185. We are situated on the west side of Glen Eira Road, just a short walk from the intersection with Orrong Road. The campus is conveniently located near a variety of local cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as Harleston Park. The nearest train station, Elsternwick Station, is just a 10-minute walk away, and several tram stops are located nearby for easy access to public transportation

Interested in learning more? The best place to start is with a tour or call us today on 138 622. 

Elsternwick Nursery (6 weeks – 2 years)

At Only About Children Elsternwick Nursery, our passionate educators focus on laying a foundation for enduring curiosity, confidence and a love of learning. Our Elsternwick Nursery caters to the care and development needs of infants aged 6 weeks -2 years.

The Elsternwick Nursery focuses on safe sleep practices developed by qualified Family Health Nurses and Consultants. Our nursery is a safe and stimulating environment that encourages your child to explore and play and implements both structure and a nurturing environment with our exceptional caregiving and play routines.

Our Elsternwick Nursery Program includes:

  • Age 6 weeks -2 years appropriate indoor/outdoor learning environments.
  • Sleeping rooms with a focus on positive sleep practices.
  • Dietitian designed baby menus with all meals and snacks included.
  • Baby essentials such as nappies, cots, linen, and sunscreen.
  • Balanced structured and unstructured play-based learning – Grow curriculum

For more information, download the Only About Children Nursery Room Guide

OAC Nursery Room Guide

Elsternwick Toddlers (2-3 years)

Our Only About Children Elsternwick campus is focused on giving your child a calm and welcoming environment that balances play, exploration, and learning. Our Toddler rooms are led by passionate educators who create play-based learning activities designed to provide toddler-aged children with nurturing experiences that encourage growth and development.

Our Toddler rooms are safe, supportive spaces that facilitate creative exploration. Each space is expertly designed to encourage younger children to explore, solve problems, create, construct and interact with peers.

Our Elsternwick Toddler program includes:

  • Age 2-3 years of appropriate learning and playing environments.
  • Balanced structured and unstructured play-based learning – Grow curriculum
  • Small group learning activities.
  • Dietitian designed menus with all meals and snacks included.
  • Calm sleeping and resting rooms.

For more information, download the Only About Children Toddler Room Guide

OAC Toddler Room Guide

Elsternwick Kindergarten (3-5 years)

Only About Children Elsternwick Kindergarten is focused on creating quality experiences that place your child in the best position to begin school. Our nurturing kindergarten educators give special emphasis on building school-ready skills, such as Literacy & Language, Exploration & STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math), Sustainability, Music, Dramatic Play and Art. We aim to make your child’s transition to school as smooth as possible by providing balanced, small group learning activities that build independence and resilience along with academic skills.

Our team of highly-skilled educators and health specialists work together to create an integrated journey that enhances your child’s learning and development. Individual learning plans are created to empower each child with skills that will help them reach their full academic and social potential.

We use the Kinder Tick at Only About Children Elsternwick because we’re an approved provider of a Victorian Government funded kindergarten program. That means our service delivers a play-based learning program, led by a qualified early childhood teacher.


Elsternwick Kindergarten program

  • Provides an innovative curriculum focused on left brain logic and right brain creativity
  • Includes both structured and unstructured play-based learning that considers the child’s individual interests and development
  • Provides an ‘Individual Learning and Development Plan’ for every child with 6 monthly check-ins with families
  • A learning focus from 9am to 3pm to prepare children for typical school hours and routine whilst providing the flexibility of long hours for social development and play
  • Is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard (NQS) for childcare.
  • Includes Health and Social Development support in preparation for school, including complementary Vision Screening

For more information, download the Only About Children Kindergarten Room Guide

OAC Kindergarten Room Guide

Helpful Information

Childcare Subsidy

For more information, visit our Childcare Subsidy Information (CCS)

Contact Us

  • Open hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am – 6:30pm
  • Phone: 138 622
  • 296 Glen Eira Rd, Elstenwick, Victoria 3185

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