School Readiness Vision Screening

As part of our commitment to the health and development of each child, we offer every child a complimentary vision screening as part of our school readiness program.

More Than Childcare - Complimentary School Readiness Vision Screening

Our Preschool & Kindergarten 2 year school readiness program goes beyond education to encompass the health, social development and total wellbeing of every child in our care. That is why we offer complimentary School Readiness Vision Screenings for every child before they start school.

Why is Vision Screening Important?

Children rarely complain of eye problems and this is often due to them not realising they can’t see well so they don’t know any different. Sometimes a child may have excellent vision in one eye that masks poor vision in the other eye. Vision screening may detect these issues.

Undetected vision issues in children may lead to difficulty in schooling and navigating everyday life, so it is important to have your child’s vision screened before they start school. Often the earlier a vision issue is detected, the more effectively it can be treated.

What happens in the Vision Screening?

Our qualified Orthoptist will provide a comprehensive vision and ocular screening of your child that extends beyond standard preschool distance vision screening. This includes assessment of:

  • Visual acuity (clarity of vision, tested one eye at a time)
  • Ocular movements and binocular vision (how well the eyes move and work together)
  • Colour vision (ability to recognise colours normally)
  • Assessment of pupils and ocular appearance

Examinations are a friendly experience with no eyedrops and are tailored to each child’s personal capabilities. Special tests are used for children who are yet to begin or master reading letters.

Meet Carla (Carlisle) Dorman our Only About Children Orthoptist

Carla (Carlisle) Dorman is our Orthoptist who conducts our School Readiness Vision Screenings in VIC and QLD. She holds a Bachelor of Orthoptic and Ophthalmic Sciences degree, is a member of the Australian Orthoptic Board (AOB) and has over 11 years’ experience in screening children’s vision. She understands the importance of early detection of vision issues in children in helping them to reach their full potential at and beyond school.

What are the results of the screening?

Pass: assessment results are considered normal compared to standards for their age group.

Boarder Pass: assessment results are on the boarder of age standards and may need follow-up in the future.

Further Assessment Required: assessment results were outside the normal age standards or there was another ocular concern noted by the Orthoptist. Further assessment may also be recommended if your child’s vision was unable to be assessed effectively on the day for reasons such as illness or unwillingness to participate.

If your child requires further assessment by an eye health professional in an eye clinic, the Orthoptist will recommend a time frame to have this done and what sort of clinic to attend in the written report. The contact details of the Orthoptist will be provided on your child’s report if you wish to discuss your child’s report further.


My son had his Vision Screening the year before he started school and they picked up that he had trouble seeing things at a distance. We are so glad that it was detected before he started school, thank you Only About Children!
Fiona M, Parent
Only About Children

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