State Funded Kindergarten and Preschool Programs

In 2023, the Victorian, NSW and Queensland Governments will be introducing state based initiatives making Kindergarten and Preschool more affordable for Only About Children families.

VIC Free Kinder Funding

Free Kinder is a Victorian Government initiative that is returning in 2023 to ensure every child gets the best start for the best life. It provides free access to 2 years of high-quality kindergarten programs for all Victorian children. Eligible children will receive $2,000 (2-day minimum booking per week) across the school year.

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NSW Start Strong Preschool Funding

Preschool fee relief is a new NSW Government initiative as part of their Start Strong Program in 2023 to provide fee-relief to families with children in preschool. If your child turns 4 years old on or before 31 July 2023 you can receive $2,100 in fee relief when enrolled for a minimum 2 days a week.

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QLD Kindy Savings Preschool Funding

QLD Kindy Funding will replace the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) in 2023 and targets low to middle-income earning families. Families can work out how much Queensland Government Kindy funding a service provider will receive by visiting the Kindy Savings website.

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