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Preschool & Kindergarten

Preschool & Kindergarten (4-6 Years)

In this final stage of their foundational years and preparation for school, 3-6 year olds can benefit greatly from a preschool or kindergarten program. The focus here is to make sure children are equipped to confidently handle the transition into school, while also setting the stage for what will hopefully be a successful lifelong path of continued learning.


Oac Grow Preschool Curriculum

Oac delivers innovative and tailored programs in our Melbourne kindergartens and Sydney preschools. With the knowledge that 3-6 year olds learn best through play, our educators provide a balanced curriculum of structured and unstructured play-based education that creates a solid foundation to their schooling life. The Grow Preschool curriculum is based on the following 3 principles: • Independence and Active Participation • Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving • Transition to School


Oac Ready for School

Grow Ready for School is part of Oac’s unique Oac Grow Preschool program – and is designed to support your child in being confident in taking that big step into their primary education.

A day in the life of our kindergarten and preschool programs:

For our bright 3-5 year olds, the learning never ends. Our curriculums are designed to inspire continual knowledge growth and creative pursuits, focusing on numeracy, literacy, science, creative arts, socialization, technology, and the outdoors, all in a fun and unique way. Our kindergarten/preschool programs include:

The learning never stops
Children within our kindergarten and preschool programs begin their love affair with literature from a young age, enjoying a new age-appropriate book every month. Titles are chosen carefully to help develop literacy, reading, and writing skills for this specific stage of learning.

Feeling the beat
Every day, children get to feel the beat and develop their love for music through dancing, playing/singing along, or actively listening. This early introduction helps little ones appreciate and understand timbre, tempo, pitch and participation.

Hablo español
This early age is the perfect time for children to pick up a second language. Oac’s educators integrate Spanish into everyday activities so that our kindergarten and preschool aged children can seamlessly learn this language as well as broaden their linguistic skills in general.

Express yourself
3-6 year olds can be incredibly expressive, and we love to help them embrace their inner performer and creative selves through our drama program. As well as allowing them to articulate their unique personalities in a constructive way, this also assists in boosting children’s self-confidence, ingenuity, and cooperation skills.

Active play
Physical activity is an important part of our kindergarten and preschool program, as it helps improve a child’s motor skills, generate a greater sense of self-assurance, and promote general health and wellbeing.

Understanding sustainability
It’s never too early for a child to begin understanding environmentally sustainable and responsible practices. Children in our kindergartens and preschools enjoy gardening, water conservation, and composting as part of our Oac Sustain program, as they learn to appreciate natural environments.

Nourishing meals
Prepared by our in-house cook, your child will enjoy nourishing and nutritious meals beginning with breakfast right through to late snacks. All meals are created using seasonal ingredients, reflected by our ever-changing menu.

Keeping you in touch
There’s no need to worry about feeling separated from your little one throughout the day - our Oac CONNECT app helps parents stay in touch with daily reports and photos right at their fingertips. 

Provide your child the best possible preparation for school and life. Book a tour at your nearest Oac campus to discover what makes our preschool program one of a kind. Contact us for any further questions.

It can be daunting for your child as they go off to ‘Big School’ – Oac’s program benefits you and your child in providing important skills to make that transition a smooth one!

- Michie & Martin Haley- Oac Parents

Ava's first day at Oac

It's Ava's first day at Only About Children. What will she do? Who will she meet? What will she play? What will she eat?