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Between the ages 0 and 2, newborns experience incredibly rapid development and growth. This time of exploration creates a foundational base for how they see the world, so being in an environment that supports and nurtures that curiosity is impactful. Our nursery program aims to do just that, with programs specifically designed for 0-2 year olds on their path to discovery.
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Toddlers aged between 2-3 year are bundles of curiosity and energy, discovering their surroundings in a new light as they begin to carve out a sense of identity and independence. It’s important for toddlers to have the freedom to explore their newfound individualism, whilst also having a safe and secure base to fall back on. Oac’s toddler programs cater to this unique development stage, creating a foundation for a lifelong love of learning and insatiable curiosity.
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Preschool & Kindergarten
As children between the ages of 3 and 6 complete their foundational years, they must begin to prepare for the next big phase in their life; school. Preschool/Kindergarten is an important part of helping children have the confidence they need to transition smoothly into school life, whilst also giving parents the peace of mind that their children have the tools to begin their exciting entryway into education. Our preschool and kindergarten programs are designed by experienced professionals and delivered by qualified educators.
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