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Highett Campus

491 Highett Road, Highett , 3190
Hours: 7:15 AM to 6:15 PM

Highett Early Learning and Kindergarten

This beautiful, brand new campus has been carefully designed to create a sense of home away from home for Oac’s 0-6 year olds. Our unique approach to early learning, dedicated educators, and picturesque interior and exterior designs all go into making up our new addition to the Highett community. Children at this centre can enjoy being amongst the great outdoors; playing on the bike track, learning about sustainability in the vegetable garden, and just generally interacting with nature. Once inside, they’ll find the supportive, warm and inspiring atmosphere set by our qualified team will continue to enrich their Highett childcare experience. The first 6 years make a significant impact on a child’s development, so choosing a daycare provider is an important decision. We would love for you book a tour and come along to our new Highett early learning and kindergarten, so that you can discover what sets Oac apart from other daycare providers across Melbourne.


Meet our Highett Campus Director, Veronica

“I believe in the Oac philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s important for families, children and educators to work together to provide little ones with high quality education. It’s also essential for families and children to feel safe and secure within the campus. All children have a voice, and as educators it’s our role to listen and help challenge their thoughts and ideas. Children are naturally curious and want to learn, and at Oac we cultivate this desire for knowledge. If you are looking for a nurturing and educational environment for your child, Oac Highett could be the perfect fit.”

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