Preparing for School

13 Nov 2018

Preparing for School

In the lead up to your child starting school, there are many ways you can plan and prepare for the changes ahead. This simple checklist will help your child and family make the successful start to school. Every family will have different preparation ideas, so it’s best to make a plan that suits your individual family. Our team have curated the following 5 useful tips are from Educators so help our families prepare for the months leading up to starting big school.

  1. Travel to and from school several times as a practice run. Try going at the usual school drop off and pick up times as you both will get to know what to expect

  2. Practice a school routine. This may include getting up early, putting on a uniform and packing their school bag. Practice putting things away again in their school bag.

  3. Practice lunch time routine. Guide them how to open their lunchbox, how to open packaging/ snack boxes

  4. Arrange opportunities for your child to play with other children who will be starting at the same school. Seeing familiar faces will help your child feel confident and more relaxed on their first day and during the first weeks of school

  5. Put aside special time together to talk about and share their feelings about starting school. This will help your child to feel relaxed and comfortable to open during a conversation with you about the topic of school. Sometimes children just aren’t in the mood for talking and that’s okay too. Just being there with your child, sharing an enjoyable activity or cuddle can help them feel supported and more at ease at the times of change.

We will continue to send more tips and ideas as the big day approaches!

Author: Anna McCauley (Head of Health at Oac)


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