Launch into Learning

25 Mar 2019

At Oac, we’re committed to providing high quality, holistic early learning and development. That’s why we’re so excited to be a supporter of Launch into Learning.

Launch into Learning is a campaign led by Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) that calls on all parties in the upcoming Federal Election to commit to ensuring every child has access to two years of quality, play-based learning before formal schooling.


We know that the years before children start school are a critical time for brain development. Evidence has shown that children who attend two years of early learning are better prepared to launch into school than those who haven’t. Launch into Learning will be reminding the major parties and their candidates, that the play-based, high-quality early learning they experience in that time helps them to become more confident, capable and curious young learners who are ready to thrive when they start school.


Earlier this month, we were joined by Councillor’s Marjorie O’Neill and Karen McKeown to further support the initiative, and have some fun with the children at our Penrith and Coogee Brook St Campuses.

To find out more and join the Launch into Learning community, click here.