Cassie’s Career Growth At Only About Children

We invite you to read this inspiring story of Cassie's career journey at Only About Children.
Cassie’s Career Growth At Only About Children Cassie’s Career Growth At Only About Children




How it started…

I started my journey at Only About Children at the Armadale campus in September 2016, where I was a Certificate 3 Assistant in the older nursery space. At this time I began to realise how important the job of an early childhood educator was for our future generation.

More than childcare…

My perspective of children flourished the more I learned and experienced and I found myself yearning more. I decided to work towards my Diploma, it took a little while, sometimes life just gets in the way but I had a fantastic support system at Only About Children, between my Director and Assistant Director checking in on me and sitting through the various presentations I needed to do.

Taking the next step…

During this time, my Room Leader was promoted to Assistant Director and was in and out of the room (as is the role). I remember my Director saying to me, ‘Cass, use this opportunity to show us what you’ve got’. I learned a lot during this time but still had more growing to do. It wasn’t long before I was asked to go into the Nursery with the really young babies. I was apprehensive about this, as I had always seen myself as a Kinder Educator, but my Director and Assistant Director saw something in me. I ended up loving it and thriving in the space.

Supporting my growth and development…

After around three months, the Room Leader in the Nursery Room resigned and I applied for the open Room Leader position. I was successful and so excited. My Director and Only About Children were great in providing me with lots of opportunities for training, both at the campus through what is now Oac Academy, and at our Freshwater Place training room. I learned about so many different things from honing my leadership skills/empowering the team, to respectful interactions with children. I then began studying for my Advanced Diploma and was asked to run both Nursery Rooms. This was a great challenge and really tested my ability to lead a larger team.

Stepping up…

After about a year and a half, the role of Assistant Director became available and I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. Again, because of the training, mentoring, and opportunities I had had at the campus, I was successful. By this time, I had also finished my Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management.

From then, I have been provided so many opportunities to upskill, which is very reflective of Only About Children’s Evolve Program centered around the development of their team members. From on-the-job training, and Oac Academy, to professional development seminars provided by Only About Children, the opportunities have been endless. I have even been to another campus to support the team while their Director was away.

Recently, a Maternity Leave position at another campus opened up, I applied and will be heading over in August for some handover. I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to experience another campus and continue to develop skills as an educator and a new Director at Only About Children.

What motivates me at Only About Children…

I love the crossover between developing meaningful relationships with families and children, mentoring the team, and the continuous access to professional development opportunities.

Why Only About Children is so special…

Only About Children is an ever-changing community, they adjust to the needs of the team and are open to feedback from educators about how different changes affect them. Only About Children is one big family, there is so much support regardless of what stage you are at in your early childhood career.

My advice for those wanting to take the next step in their career…

Take your time, listen to your mentors, and trust the process. Sometimes you are going to have to wait. Only About Children have plenty of opportunities for those willing to learn.


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Discover how Only About Children supports your child's development.


Only About Children can help your child to grow, make friends and explore the world.

Only About Children can help your child to grow, make friends and explore the world.

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