The Pen Pal Club

Join us in spreading friendship and creating lasting bonds with our Bright Horizons Buddies across the globe.

As we celebrate International Friendship Day, we’re thrilled to foster meaningful connections between our campuses and pen pals worldwide.

Join The Pen Pal Club

Let us help you connect your campus with an Only About Children campus in Australia, creating connections and building friendships across the globe.

Fill out the form below with your campus details, and we’ll pair you up with a campus buddy.

Let’s start this exciting journey of cross-cultural friendship together!


Letter writing is made easy with our tips and templates. Download them using the links below.


Letter Writing Template (Perfect for Drawing) 

Letter Writing Template (Perfect for Writing) 

Pen Pal Partner Poster (Vertical) 

Pen Pal Partner Poster (Horizontal) 

StoryPark Template Announcing The Project To Families

Privacy Reminder

Please follow our privacy policy for children’s information and ensure that the children avoid putting detailed personal and/or sensitive information into any letters and videos, including full names, detailed home addresses, dates of birth or medical conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join The Pen Pal Club?

To join The Pen Pal Club, simply fill out the form below with your campus details. We will pair you up with a campus buddy from an Only About Children campus in Australia.

How are the campus buddies matched?

Campus buddies are matched based on various factors, including age group, shared interests, and geographical diversity, to create meaningful connections and enhance the letter exchange experience.

Can I participate in The Pen Pal Club outside of International Friendship Day?

Absolutely! While we celebrate International Friendship Day, The Pen Pal Club operates throughout the year, providing opportunities for friendship and global connections beyond this special day.

Do I have to post my letters?

You can, if you would like to however you can also scan your letters and share them with your campus buddy via email.

What if I encounter any issues or have further questions?

Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any help or advice.

Let's get connected!

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