Turramurra Pentecost Ave Early Learning And Preschool

143-145 Pentecost Avenue, Turramurra, 2074 Hours: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Exceeding NQS

Turramurra Pentecost Ave Campus

There are so many benefits to being amongst nature, and Oac’s Turramurra Pentecost Ave early learning and preschool centre ensure these are fully realized by the children in our care. The campus is set amongst beautiful, mature trees, with abundant outdoor play areas designed to allow our 0-6 year olds to explore, create and learn. Turramurra Pentecost Ave's interiors are equally bright and spacious, featuring a library, art room, music room, and more. All in all, your child will have the resources and support they need to feel inspired during what is an important time in their development. Because of the significance of these first 6 years, we understand how making a decision on which daycare provider to use has so much weight on it. We’d love for you to book a tour of our Turramurra Pentecost Ave early learning and preschool centre, so that you can learn more about us and the way we can provide an exciting start to your child’s life.