Toddlerhood is an incredible time of exploration and discovery, as toddlers gain an increasing sense of self and an understanding of the world around them. They are full of curiosity and eager to develop their independence, yet toddlers still need support to help encourage their growth, development and curiosity.


Oac Grow

The Grow Toddler curriculum is based on the following 3 principles:
• Trust in toddlers as amazing learners
• Respect for toddlers as equal human beings with rights, deserving of dignity and respect
• Qualified Educators who build secure and reciprocal relationships for developing identity, connection to others; communication; learning and belonging. Setting the foundation for enduring curiosity, lasting self-confidence and lifelong learning.


Oac Health

We believe in a holistic approach to children’s development, which means we encompass not just the education, but the physical health and emotional wellbeing of every child in our care. This innovative program offers allied health specialist support in areas such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Vision. Comprehensive advice and recommendations are provided, which helps support quality educational outcomes for all children.

These exclusive Oac Health services are all included as part of your daily fee.

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A day in the life of an Oac toddler

Wondering what life will be like for your toddler at Oac? While their exact schedule may vary, the basic ingredients will be the same each day. Here’s an overview…


Book of the month
Through our ‘Book of the month’ program, toddlers are introduced to a new, age-appropriate title each month, and become familiar with the concepts, text and illustrations each one contains.

Feeling the beat
Through the Oac Music program, we help children to understand and appreciate music – learning about everything from tempo and timbre, to pitch and participation. Toddlers explore music daily, whether it’s through song, percussion or dance.

Hablo español
It’s incredible how quickly young children pick up language – and at Oac, we give them the chance to start early, integrating basic Spanish language into daily activities – making it fun and immersed throughout the day.

Understanding sustainability
It’s never too soon to start learning about our environment. Through Oac Sustain, children do just that, engaging in activities that provide a fun, easy-to-grasp introduction to sustainability.

Active play
At Oac, we’ve developed a curriculum that includes plenty of opportunities for physical activity – after all, as any parent of a toddler knows, these are busy little people! Our Oac Active program helps toddlers:

  • Develop self-confidence in their own bodies

  • Build greater self-esteem

  • Improve gross motor skills (walking, running, jumping)

  • Enjoy physical activity

  • Maintain overall wellbeing

Freedom to explore
Physical activity is a fantastic way to promote health and wellbeing, improve motor skills and self-confidence, and, in general, have fun! Our Oac Active program sees toddlers expending that endless energy in ways that are both productive and, of course, enjoyable.

Nourishing Meals
All children at Oac enjoy nourishing, nutritional meals designed by our Dieticians, The Biting Truth, that are prepared daily by our in-house cooks. With a focus on using seasonal ingredients the menu changes each season, always with the overall health of our rapidly growing toddlers in mind. Everything from breakfast through to a late snack is fully provided for.

Keeping you in touch
Throughout the day, you’ll be kept updated via our Storypark app. No need to stress about how your toddler is going in your absence – with daily photos and reports, you can feel closer to your little one by just checking your phone.

"When looking for "that special place" where my son would spend his days while I was working in a high pressure job, I wanted to be sure that he was looked after. From the first time I walked into Only About Children, Orlando and I were welcomed with open arms. The Campus Director didn't just take me to the room my son would spend his days, but showed me through all the rooms and me of what they were committed to with regards to education and development. I knew at that moment I didn't have to look any further."

- Yariet Peers, Oac Parent

Ava's first day at Oac

It's Ava's first day at Only About Children. What will she do? Who will she meet? What will she play? What will she eat?

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