A safe, nurturing place for your little one. The first two years of life is a time of rapid growth and development, where every moment matters. At Oac, we’re here to provide all the care and support your little one needs during this phase – establishing a strong foundation for future learning.


Oac Grow

Our Grow Nursery curriculum is based on the following 3 principles:
• Trust in babies as capable and competent learners
• Respect for infants as unique individuals
• Qualified Educators who build secure and reciprocal relationships, providing safe, challenging and predictable environments for babies to explore, learn and develop. Setting the foundation for enduring curiosity, lasting self-confidence and lifelong learning.

A glimpse inside an Oac Nursery

Wondering what life will be like for your child at Oac? While their exact schedule may vary, the basic ingredients will be the same each day.


Book of the month
Our ‘book of the month’ program sees babies exposed to the exciting world of literature and language from a young age. Our nursery-aged children enjoy a new, age-appropriate book each month, allowing them to build a better understanding of various concepts, text and illustrations.

Igniting a passion for music
Music is an incredibly powerful tool in terms of development and learning. Each day, the nursery spend at least 15 minutes exploring music, whether that’s through dancing, playing along, or actively listening.

Active play
Developed by a qualified Sports Science programmer, Oac Active is a program that encourages the development of motor skills, by providing physical activities to be a part of.

Understanding sustainability
It’s so important for our future generations to understand ways to sustainably and responsibly interact with nature, which is why we introduce such ideas at an early age within our childcare programs. This doesn’t have to be complex; our babies enjoy simple tasks like playing with water, to help foster a foundational appreciation for nature.

Nourishing meals
All children at Oac enjoy nourishing, nutritional meals designed by our Dieticians, The Biting Truth, that are prepared daily by our in-house cooks. With a focus on using seasonal ingredients the menu changes each season, always with the overall health of our rapidly growing 0-2 year olds in mind. Everything from breakfast through to a late snack is fully provided for.  

Keeping you in touch
We know how daunting it can be leaving your child in daycare, which is why we have our Storypark app. This ensures daily photos and reports on the wellbeing of your little one are at your fingertips.

Sleep Tight
Sleep is an incredibly important part of a newborn’s routine, so we partner with “The Safe Sleep Space”, a service designed by qualified nurses, to provide your little one with the best chance at a restful sleep. Each newborn has an individual cot assigned to them within a beautifully appointed sleep room, allowing them to get some well-needed shut-eye.

Explore more about the benefits of child care for newborns by booking a tour at your nearest Oac campus. We would love the opportunity for you to experience how Oac can provide your child the best start to life. You can also contact us for any further questions on 138 OAC.

"My daughter has been attending Only About Children for the past 3 years. I'm really happy with the love and care she receives from the friendly mature team, who are always open to chat to me about my daughter's day, and also with the educational focus from an early age."

- Amber Chandler, Oac Parent, Only About Children

Ava's first day at Oac

It's Ava's first day at Only About Children. What will she do? Who will she meet? What will she play? What will she eat?


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