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We want all our children to stay healthy and happy. Here's what you need to know to help us to keep it that way.

Your Child's Health

We take your child’s health seriously. If your child is coming down with an illness (for example flu-like symptoms or they seem lethargic), we may ask you to keep them at home so they can recover, and so we can prevent illness being spread.

Please let us know ASAP – it helps us to keep on top of any illnesses that might be ‘going around’ and we can then notify other families if needed (we don’t specify who is ill to maintain your confidentiality).


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation unfolds, both globally and locally, we’re doing everything we can to keep families up to date with the latest relevant information. We continue to monitor all government advice and take precautionary and reactionary actions based on this.

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On Campus

  • If there’s an outbreak of an illness that’s preventable by vaccination, we may need to ask unvaccinated children (those due to a medical exemption against vaccination or children on a catch up vaccination schedule) to stay home for an exclusionary period based off government guidelines. We’re also required to document any outbreaks and may need to share this information with the Health Department to help prevent further outbreaks.
  • If your child becomes ill at Only About Children, we’ll call you to come and pick them up right away so they can recover at home or be taken to the doctor.

We are happy to work with families for children with medical and dietary action plans.


It is a regulatory requirement to obtain the immunisation status of each child.

The following documents will be accepted by Only About Children (Oac) to show a child’s immunisation status:

No other documents will be accepted, and the enrolment cannot be confirmed without one of these.

A copy of your child’s immunisation details can be obtained at any time by:

Parents should automatically receive their child’s AIR Immunisation History Statement in the mail after they complete their immunisation schedule (sometime after 4 years of age).

Please visit the Department of Health’s National Immunisation Program Schedule which outlines the vaccinations and when they are due.

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