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From an employment perspective, there are 3 main values Oac’s early learning jobs promote.

We have fun

To us, it’s important that our team is happy, not just in their individual careers, but working alongside one another. We employ an incredibly diverse array of characters, each with their own personalities, experiences, skills, and strengths, which all work harmoniously to help shape a child’s development. In order to further promote a fun environment each Oac campus regularly holds social events and outings, so you can get to know your team outside the work environment.


We celebrate achievements

Your success is our success, and we’re always incredibly proud of individuals who take their childcare jobs to the next level. We are continually recognizing employees who go the extra mile, with rewards like vouchers, dinners, awards, and more.


We challenge the norm

By now, it should be obvious that Oac is not your average early learning and preschool centre. We like to continually challenge conventions and move forward, and as such encourage creative thinking and innovation from our employees. We also place a great deal of importance in investing in the latest technology and teaching methods; anything that will help us deliver the best experience to our children.

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