Christmas tis the season to slow down

12 Dec 2018

Christmas, a time to slow down and reflect.

December is a month where it is so easy to get swept up into “the cult of being busy.”  It can be tempting to cram into your curriculum Christmas activity after Christmas activity however, it is worthwhile to stop and ask yourself “Who is benefiting when I work this way?” 

December is the perfect time to slow down and cherish your relationships and to reminisce and reflect on 2018. Memories play a powerful role in building and strengthening belonging and community, and give shape to your campus identity.  
This month we are encouraging you to reflect on the year with your children and families.  Share your memories, create opportunities to connect and farewell, and think of ways that that those leaving your room can leave their mark and add to the ever-evolving landscape and story of your nursery.

As Semann and Slattery say in this article

What if we at least critically reflected on our end of year celebrations and ask a simple question about each? 

'Is this activity/event/tradition/celebration really in our children's and families' best interests, or are we just doing it because we always do it?' Here is to a final month of the year where children's needs come first, just like they do every other month. Would it be that wrong for us to not end the year exhausted? Can we pause and truly celebrate the magic of the season by not doing quite so much... 
And if you are feeling the temptation pull to churn out those Christmas arts and crafts, you might be interested in this article:  Christmas Arts and Crafts: Its the season to be jolly...and to celebrate the capable child.