Information on the Child Care Subsidy

There is a lot of information to navigate through on the Child Care Subsidy. Oac has pulled together the best resources to make this easier for families.


The Department of Education and Training website contains all the information families need to know about what is changing and what it means for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Department of Education and Training has collated an excellent list of questions that help families understand what the Child Care Subsidy is and the impact to families

Government Letter to Families

These letters are being sent out to families from April 2018 outlining the steps they need to follow to apply for the new childcare subsidy.

Family Transition Timeline

A timeline outlining the transition of each main group impacted by the Child Care Subsidy and what needs to happen and when.


Overview of the Child Care Subsidy

Factsheet – Child Care Subsidy

Key information of the new child care package, including details about the Child Care Subsidy, the Child Care Safety Net and the implementation timeframe.

Factsheet – Key Changes for Families

Provides families with information about the Child Care Subsidy and the key changes that will affect them.

Webinar Materials

In April and May 2018, the department held family webcast information sessions about the Child Care Subsidy and have provided the presentation.

Payment and Services Finder

We encourage all families to understand the impact to their individual situation and the first place to visit is the  Payment and Services Finder


Looking for more information

Call the Department of Education and Training – 1300 566 046