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Oac™ CONNECT customised app.

Our customised app, Oac CONNECT is a wonderful resource to keep families across their child’s learning and development throughout the day and is linked directly to our Oac Grow learning outcomes.

The app enables the Campus Director and room leader to generate and publish your child’s progress directly to your device via:

• A daily diary with photos and videos
• A weekly campus newsletter
• A monthly individual report called a GROW Story
• Regular campus updates and community news
• Extra Days outside of your child’s regular enrolment can also be booked with instant confirmation via the app.

This is all part of our commitment to providing the best quality child care and service.

Casual Days

You can still request casual days for your child and these will continue to be confirmed depending on availability in your child’s room. If you would like to book in a casual day, you can do so by contacting your Customer Relations Consultant or Campus Director.

Casual days will continue to be offered at a 15% discount of your daily fee.

For any questions about the app please speak with your Campus Director or the Oac™ Customer Relations team (02) 8968 1500.

You can login as normal to the Family Lounge using your secure username and password - if you have any problems logging in please contact the Enrolments team