Winter indoor activities

8 Jun 2018

Winter activities and games

Are you looking for activities to add to your grab bag of ideas for indoor play for preschool aged children? In the winter months, sometimes staying inside is the only option and you need a quick game plan for fun. Here are some tried and tested ideas for indoor play that don’t require technology or toys – just add imagination and creativity!

Music and Movement

These activities and games are flexible for different ages. There’s no winning or losing; the point is just to get moving. Don’t feel silly joining in!

  1. Freeze dance. A classic! All you need is music, and the only guideline is to freeze when the music is paused. Encourage kids to "freeze" in fun poses or with funny faces.Use a variety of musical styles and tempos. Tip: An older child can do the music while you dance with younger ones.
  2. The sleeping song.Here are the short lyrics "Sleeping, sleeping, all the children are sleeping. And when they woke up, they were all ---." Fill in the blank with various animals,insects, or even inanimate objects and lets their imaginations run wild. Kids love acting like cats, snakes, and even robots or babies!
  3. Indoor obstacle course.Push aside some furniture, and practice gross motor skills without breaking any priceless antiques!Set out a laundry basket and use balled up socks to practice throwing and accuracy. Tape down some yarn or string for a makeshift balance beam. Do moves in place, like running, jumping, and hopping. Add yoga moves, use a timer, and cheer them on. There are an infinite number of possibilities here.

Get Creative

  1. Homemade collage with reusable materials. Simply provide a few items that can be rearranged again and again. Arrange them on a tray or placematto make patterns, designs, and objects. Since the materials are reusable, take a picture to commemorate each creation. Ideas: craft sticks, buttons, paint samples, fabric swatches, spare keys or natural materials.
  2. Playdough Make your own playdough and team it up with kitchen utensils or a collection of natural materials from your garden.
  3. Book making.Yep, just make your own books. Children have so many stories to tell, and only need help writing it all down. Fold paper in half and staple at the crease to make pages. After the story is written, go back and read it to the child so they can illustrate each page. This simple activity builds confidence, self-esteem, and literacy skills.
  4. Recycle your old magazines and exercise the imagination, all in one! Let children choose and cut their favorite pictures out of magazines (or help them). Then they glue them on paper, then draw and decorate all around it.
  5. Drawing underneath and upside down

Grab some tape, a piece of paper and markers… lie down on your back and draw!

  1. Make paper airplanes
  2. Get out the cardboard boxes and create!  Let the imaginations flow. A box can be anything: a train, ramps for cars, an airplane, a house.