Pepito el Armadillo

24 Jul 2018

Meet Pepito!

Starting this month there is a new visitor around our Oac campuses. His name is Pepito el armadillo or (ahr-mah-dee-jo) in Spanish, his native language. He lives with all his family in Argentina in South America. He loves to sing, eat tortillas, insects and drink leche at night. Pepito enjoys to listen to stories, and play in the playground. His favourite colour is verde, and his shell can curl up into a ball!

With his visits to our Oac campuses, Pepito is encouraging children and educators to extend their Spanish knowledge with new and creative experiences that allow children to practice Spanish in a fun way, capturing those experiences in his travel journal. With this cuddly armadillo, the children have a valuable opportunity to explore history, culture, flora and fauna from other countries.

In some campuses, children were able to use Spanish words to describe the feel of Pepito. Some of the words used to describe Pepito were suave (soft), acogedor (cosy) and mimoso (cuddly). In other campuses, the children shared with Pepito their knowledge on identifying animals in Spanish and countries around the world.

Pepito will continue his tour throughout this year, until he has visited all Oac campuses. With Pepito’s visits, children are encouraged to practice more Spanish, leading to a learning in meaningful and interesting ways that are connected to real life.