Celebrating Compost Awareness Week

7 May 2020

At Oac, we make sustainability a part of our routine every day. We encourage and teach sustainable practices through interactive learning activities including vegetable and herb gardens, compost and worm farm systems, recycling, gardening and water conservation.


To celebrate Compost Awareness week, our Oac [email protected] curriculum has featured a fun and interactive compost activity as part of our Oac Sustain program. Children are never too young to develop a passion for learning about the environment and sustainable practises. This compost activity is a fun and easy way to encourage sustainable practices at home!


Building A Compost System at Home




  1. Find a garbage bin, container or bucket with a lid to form your compost system

  2. Drill some holes in the lid so that your compost system has air circulation and oxygen to breathe

  3. Fill your compost system with dirt, soil and paper. Spray with water to moisten

  4. Start collecting biodegradable food scraps such as vegetable and fruit peel to place in your compost system